About Us

We used to be a couple of youngsters who used every opportunity they had to travel around Iran, so much so that we learned the ins and outs of every city and realized how therapeutic some of these places actually were. But we saw people who were reluctant to choose these places as their destination due to their obscurity. We wanted to share our love for traveling with other people. This inspired us to look for a way so that everyone can choose the best destination and find the appropriate place to stay.

As start-ups were gaining popularity in Iran, we decided to begin our work as a start-up under the name of “PinTaPin”. We quickly got the attention of “Iran Internet Group”, a major investor in many successful start-ups such as Snapp, Snappfood, Bamiloo and Eskano, and joined their network of companies. In 2015, we officially joined the Snapp family and committed ourselves to making online hotel reservation possible for all Iranian cities.

In addition to providing online hotel reservation services, we wrote about famous sights in each city so that travelers can plan their trip according to their interests. But we eventually realized that not everyone travels for vacation and companies need different options for planning their trip. Following this demand, we decided to dedicate a part of our website to business trips and provide special services for companies.

But this wasn’t the end. The more we grew, the more we faced new challenges and set new goals for ourselves, the biggest of which was to cover every step of traveling. After 2.5 years, we added plane ticket reservation to our services and grew so big that we used our family name “Snapp” to change our name from PinTaPin to “Snapptrip”.

From a humble start to becoming one of the biggest providers of online travel services, Snapptrip is now a major company with 150 employees that devote themselves to providing better services each and every day. Our next goal is to become the most up-to-date source for traveling in Iran and make online services a definitive superior to offline services in the field of tourism. We await the day that snapptrip is reminiscent of happy traveling for tourists all around the world.