Yazd Sweets and Where to Buy Them


For many tourists, one of the most exciting experiences of visiting a new place is to try its local food and sweets. This trend is especially true for Iran, where almost every city has its own signature food and sweets.

The historic city of Yazd is not just famous for its plethora of ancient attractions; it also has some of the most iconic sweets in Iran. The variety of Yazd sweets is impressive. Whatever taste and preference you have when it comes to sweets, Yazd is sure to have something for you. Continue reading to learn about the different types of sweets in Yazd and where you should buy them.

1- Qottab

Perhaps the most famous of Yazd sweets throughout Iran is Qottab. This bite-size pastry is made of a thick crispy shell filled with two main variants. The first and the most famous variant, which is the one Yazd is famous for is filled with crushed almonds, cardamom, and sugar. The second, less known version is filled with honey. The shell is rolled in powdered sugar, giving Qottab a snowy look and making it leave its mark on your fingers when you have one.

Qottab, the tastiest Yazd Sweet

Due to its exquisite taste and small size, Qottab has a reputation of being so irresistible that people can finish a pack only in one setting. So keep this in mind when buying (or eating) one of these almond-shaped heavenly delights.

2- Yazdi Cake

A national favorite of the Iranians, Yazdi Cake (called Cake Yazdi in Persian) is definitely one of the pastries that almost all Iranians enjoy having with a hot cup of tea. Yazdi Cakes are basically cupcakes with a Persian twist: cardamom. The combination of cardamom and rose water is repeatedly used in Iranian recipes for pastries and it’s also very noticeable in Yazdi sweets.

Yazdi Cake assorted in a beautiful manner.

You can purchase Yazdi Cake in any pastry shop in any city in Iran, but the ones purchased in Yazd are distinct for the flavor that the spices give to them. Ground pistachio is poured over the cakes to give it a beautiful vibrant look with a slightly nutty taste.

3- Baklava

Baklava is a name that is known worldwide. It’s an umbrella term for dessert pastries using phyllo dough, chopped, or ground nuts, and syrup or honey. Many countries have their own unique kind of Baklava. Even in Iran, there are different types of Baklava in different regions (e.g. Qazvin, Tabriz, etc.)

Yazdi Baklava

Yazdi Baklava is generally dry and is presented in diamond-shaped cuts. The pastry is filled with almonds and pistachios. Instead of honey, it’s made with rose water syrup. In comparison to other types of Baklava, the Iranian Baklava is much lighter and the use of cardamom gives it a traditional Iranian taste.

4- Loz

Another famous sweet made in Yazd, which looks similar to Baqlava but lacks any dough, is called Loz. There are different varieties of Loz depending on the filling. The most famous ones are coconut (Loz-e-nargil), pistachio (Loz-e-peste), almond (Loz-e-badam), and saffron(Loz-e-zaferan).

Haj Khalife Rahbar 5 Loz
From left to right: Almond, Pistachio, Saffron, Baklava, Coconut

You can choose your favorite type of Loz and buy a pack of only that, or if you want to have a collection of all, you can purchase the Five Loz package (Panj Loz). Inside the package, you find the four types mentioned above in addition to baklava.

5- Other sweets and where to buy your sweets in Yazd

The variety of Yazd sweets is awe-inspiring. Besides the major ones mentioned above, Yazd sports quite a few other sweets that are worth mentioning.

Haji Badam, literally meaning almond haji, are tiny balls made of almonds (badam), sugar, butter, flour, pistachio, and cardamom. Sohan Ardi is Yazd’s special type of Sohan which is less solid to bite and more powdery. Naan-e-Panjereii (literally meaning window-like bread) is the traditional Iranian rosette. Naan-e-Berenji are cookies made of rice flour and garnished with poppy seeds. Pashmak which is Iranian traditional cotton candy. If you’re unsure what to choose among the vast variety of options, you can always choose a “mixed” box (makhloot), in which you can find a collection of tasty Yazdi Sweet.

Now that you know your way around the popular Yazd sweets, it’s time to learn where you can buy the best kinds of them. Upon hearing of Yazd sweets, almost all Iranians think of one, and only one place: Haj Khalife′ Ali Rahbar and Partners’ confectionery firm (in Farsi: شیرینی سازی حاج خلیفه علی رهبر و شرکا). The name is normally used in the short form “Haj Khalife”, but that can be confusing since there are so many Haj Khalife confectionaries in Yazd, especially close to the original one. That is why you should be careful and make sure that the name has all the words in it.

The official logo for Haj Khalife Confectionary
Haj Khalife Ali Rahbar’s official logo

The century-old confectionary is located at Amir Chakhmagh square. Today, the firm uses ingredients of the highest quality in the most hygienic way, using modern equipment to provide you with the best experience with Yazd sweets. The shop is usually crowded, but it works very efficiently. You can see the products and their ingredients written in both Farsi and English. Then you write down your name, the type, and the amount of the pastry you are purchasing, and you hand it in in the first counter. In a second counter, you pay and in the third one, you take your delivery. Having taken these three steps, you leave the shop with boxes of tasty Yazdi delights that are sure to provide you with an unforgettable Iranian experience.

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