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Gilan Rural Heritage Museum

The province of Gilan is the jewel on the green belt of forests in northern Iran. You may come to Iran from a lush country and thinks how a forest can fascinate you, but when you visit awe inspiring attractions of Gilan province with its verdant and intact nature and hospitable people, you will find out why it is strongly recommended.

Gilan is located at the west of Mazandaran province, east of Ardabil, and north of the provinces of Zanjan and Qazvin. It also borders the Republic of Azerbaijan in the north, as well as Russia across the Caspian Sea.

Qal'e Rudkhan

There are many cities worthy of visit such as Rasht, which is its capital, Masuleh, a magnificent touristic village, as well as Bandar-e Anzali, an exquisite port with beautiful wetlands.

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Guilan Rural Heritage Museum

An open air museum in Saravan Forest Park, 18 kilometers away from Rasht, on Shaft-Saravan road, is a place to plunge the visitors into the history of rural life in the north of Iran.

About a four-hour walks are needed to visit all parts of this breathtakingly verdant museum in the forest and get to know all styles of cottage architecture through the rural history.

Gilan Rural Heritage Museum

Showcasing traditions and customs give you the opportunity to explore the rural living environment and even take a picture local clothes.

You can also buy handicrafts or even have a piece of hot flat bread. There are coffee shops and restaurants in which you can have a bite of Sour Kabob or Baqali Qatoq.

Many rural houses demonstrating the architectural style of the coastal or plain as well as mountainous areas of Guilan have been identified and subsequently, have been dismantled and reconstructed in the museum.

Guilan Rural Heritage Museum


Rudkhan Castle

Over 50 kilometers southwest of Rasht, in deep green and temperate rainforests of Gilan, well-preserved Rudkhan Castle or Qal’e Rudkhan in Farsi overlooks the lush woods with the streams cascading down the mountain.

Some historians say the construction of the castle dates back to the Sasanian era, over 14 centuries ago.  But it has been renovated around the 10th century during Seljuq dynasty.

Roudkhan Castle

The castle is built from stone and is famous for about 1000 stairs which get you to top of it, then prepare yourself for a 50-minute steep trekking and wear your hiking shoes. Climb up to have a great view of the fortress and its surroundings.

There are vendors and shops along the way where you can have snack and else.

If you want to feel the mysterious atmosphere of this intact ancient castle, visit it on a foggy day. You can also enjoy plenty of traditional food and drinks along the way.

Qale Rudkhan




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