Lakes in Iran that you should visit

Ovan Lake in Qazvin province

Throwing rocks into a lake, letting your toes dangling in the cold water, maybe swimming with your pals, or having a nice day out with sandwiches coming out a picnic bag and lots of other hobbies are stuff that makes summer memories.

Shahyun Lake
To be fair, nothing would best a breezy day next to a lake. Fortunately, lakes in Iran are diverse in flora and fauna and let you choose what suits your camping habits.
Many lakes are scattered around the country that can tempt you to hit the road. But have it in mind that most of them do not lend you kayaks or canoes unlike Canada or some other countries.

Here is a list of lakes around Iran that are worth visiting.

Shourmast Lake


Valasht Lake

In the northern city of Kelardasht in Mazandaran province, Lake Valasht with 24 hectares is watered from many springs.
A scenic road from Chalus to the city of Kelardasht give tourists a chance to appreciate the exquisite nature.
You can set up a tent in the peaceful nature around the lake. Go trekking in the forests also. Fishing or swimming are also strongly recommended.

Valasht Lake in Kelardasht


Dez Dam Lake (Shahyoun Lake)

An unforgettable chilling trip is camping on an uninhabited island encircled by Shahyun freshwater lake (or Dez Dam Lake) about 40 kilometers away from the city of Dezful, in the Iranian most southwestern province of Khuzestan.

The water temperature is perfect for swimming in November to February and you can camp along the river, watering the lake.

You can find out more about the trip to this fabulous Iranian lake here.

Sunset-at-Dez-Dam Lake or Shahyoun Lake


Ovan Lake

Take a tent, put on your sunglasses and ready up for a trip to one of the most chilling places of summer in Qazvin province.
Small alpine lake in Alborz Range is over 200 kilometers to the northwest of Tehran and has a two-hour long of mountain road.

Ovan Lake in Qazvin

The breathtaking reflection of surrounding mountains on the lake and other spectacular views especially in fall and spring make it a must-see.

A stream with the same name, Ovan, is the only stream that flows into the lake and it is coming down from northern mountains. The north of the lake is also surrounded by three small villages, namely from east to west: Varbon, Ovan, and Zar Abad.

Ovan Lake in Alamut


Shourmast Lake

Shourmast Lake with over 15 square kilometers is close to the main road from Tehran to Mazandaran province and it is considered one of the main tourist attractions in Savad Kouh Village, six kilometers east of Pol Sefid Town.
Surrounded by alder trees and easy access by car make it a splendid location for whom that seek to escape cities and are willing to camp. Lush landscapes, a coal mine, Veresk Bridge, Abdulhaq Shrine, and Lajim historic Towers are other attractions in the area.

Since it is in the northern province of Mazandaran, avoid peak holidays if you are not in the mood to trap in a heavy traffic.

Shourmast Lake at Mazandaran



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