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According to a three-thousand years old legend, King Jamshid discovered sugar on Nowruz and the both words of candy and sugar are derivatives of the Farsi words respectively called Qand and Shekar. Regarding the legend, ever since Iranians serve several types of sweets during holidays such as Nowruz which makes our county a mecca for sweet tooths.

Ghotab / Qottab Pastry (Traditional Iranian Almond and Walnut-Filled Crescents): Ghotab or Qottab is a traditional Iranian almond and walnut-filled crescent pastry that is infused with cardamom and cinnamon flavours to make the perfect treat | aheadofthyme.com

Qottab Pastry (Traditional Iranian Almond and Walnut-Filled Crescents): Qottab is a traditional Iranian almond and walnut-filled crescent pastry that is infused with cardamom and cinnamon flavors to make the perfect treat | aheadofthyme.com

So if you are an experienced sweet lover, who are visiting Iran, be ready to get confused among exclusive items which you can buy as souvenirs for your friends.

There are many sweets and candies you have never tried which can turn out so good to the extent that you want to buy them all. Although there are many mouth-watering items you can obtain, here is a brief guide on sweets, candies, or pastries that are suitable to be packed with your other stuff in your luggage.

Tourists who visit East and West Azerbaijan provinces, as well as Ardabil, mostly find sweets such as Basloq and Baqlava as perfect souvenirs.


Baqlava is full of calories and it is made with chopped almonds, pistachios, and walnuts and soaked in honey-flavored rose water. Since Baqlava is famous around the world, you can also find other types of it such as cake in Yazd, called Baqlava Yazdi.

Yazd city in the central province of Iran, Yazd, is well-known for producing and exporting sweets and cakes including Cake Yazdi (the most famous Iranian cupcake), Qottab (a sweet nugget filled with almond, almonds, and cardamom), Haji Badam (made with nutmeg and chickpea flour). To satisfy your craving for any kind of Yazdi sweets pay a visit to Haj Khalifeh Rahbar in Yazd’s Amir Chakhmakh Sq.


Basloq is a walnut pastry swirl which has a distinctive flavor of rose water which is used a lot in Iranian pastries. Maraqeh, Malayer, and Arak are cities that produce the best Basloq or Sajuq when it is filled with walnut and covered with sugar.

In case you are in Isfahan, it is recommended to try Gaz or pistachio nougat which is consisting of pistachios, sugar, rose water, egg white, and flour. Since it is sticky, you can eat it with tea. It is not restricted to Isfahan and you can usually find them wherever you go.


And last but not least comes Sohan, a traditional Iranian saffron brittle toffee. The sticky sweet, covered with chopped pistachios, never disappoints any sweet lover who can buy the best Sohan from Qom province.

Iranians have always shown a great fondness for confectionary. Other goods that are worth noting would be Koloocheh, Naan Berenji (rice cookie), Naan Sheermal and the list goes on.

Whatever you do control your daily intake of sugar and reduce one sweet per hour to one sweet per day.


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