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Kish Restaurant

The experience of visiting a new place is never complete without trying out the local food. Kish Island, besides its gorgeous beaches, entertaining dolphin shows, and enormous shopping malls, is home to some of the best and most luxurious restaurants in the whole country.

It doesn’t matter if you’re craving Kebab, local seafood, or international cuisine. There’s always place to have the perfect dish in Kish Island. Read on below to find a list of the best Kish restaurants and what to order in each of them.

Damoon Food Court

Kish is an island with multiple grand shopping malls. As a result, the food courts have become as popular as some of the most well-known Kish restaurants. Damoon food court is a prime example of this. It features a great variety of high quality dishes, beautiful atmosphere filled with greenery, and a charming terrace with an ocean view.

Damoon Food Court

The food court has 12 stalls that provide the customers with different types of cuisine. Chinese, Mexican, Indian, Iranian, and fast food are among the choices that you will have at Damoon. The seafood are the most famous in Damoon, although the Indian food is also quite popular. It’s a good idea to visit the restaurant at noon or in the afternoon, since it can get extremely crowded and you might lose the chance to eat in the terrace.

Kooh -e- Noor Restaurant

The mountain of light is the English translation of the name of one of the most popular Kish restaurants. The restaurant is located inside a mountain. The interior is lit in a way that it gorgeously enhances the beauty of its stone walls. Live music and the variety of food choice also make Kooh -e- Noor a fantastic restaurant, especially for a romantic meal.

Kooh-e Noor Restaurant

The best meal to have at Kooh -e- Noor is the brochettes. Another good choice is the seafood plate that is served with Mexican rice.

Kooh Sangi restaurant

Literally meaning the stone mountain, Kooh Sangi is located inside a mountain. Its outside view is embellished with trees and a fountain. Inside, the architecture resembles the traditional Iranian style. Kooh Sangi is one of the few Kish restaurants that can completely immerse you in an Iranian atmosphere.

Kooh Sangi Restaurant

Kooh sangi’s specialty is one dish: Dizi. Abgoosht or Dizi is a traditional lamb-based dish that is served in two stages. The solids are mashed and served with the broth in a separate dish. Dizi in Koohsangi is served with fresh basil and Doogh (a sour Iranian drink based on yogurt.) If you’re not a fan of Dizi, you can try Koobideh (a type of Kebab made of minced meat), Joojeh (chicken Kebab), or Mirza Ghasemi (an eggplant-based dish made of eggplants, eggs, garlic, and tomatos).

Royal Star Restaurant

Royal Star is one of the new Kish restaurants that serves great quality dishes in a very beautiful atmosphere. The ravishing interior design is a creative combination of colors and patterns. All in all, the restaurant is truly an Instgrammable place to dine in.

Royal Star Restaurant

The food in Royal Star is also made of high quality ingredients. Best meals to have at this colorful restaurant are steak, burger, Chicken Parmesan, and the seafood plate. If you’re looking for a place that can satisfy your eye and taste-buds to the fullest, be sure to give Royal Star a visit.

Boomerang Fast Food Restaurant

Eating while traveling doesn’t have to be restricted to the local and traditional dishes of the new place. Sometimes fast food is what you are craving, so it’s always important to know a good fast food restaurant nearby. This is where Boomerang comes in; a cozy fast food restaurant that serves high quality fast food and is very popular with the locals.

Boomerang Fast Food Restaurant

The most famous food in Boomerang is the pizza. The best pizza in Boomerang is said to be its Pizza Margherita. Pizza Chahar Fasl (literally meaning four seasons) is also a popular choice that combines four different types of pizzas together. Chahar Fasl has four pairs of slices and each pair has its own ingredients.

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