The Best Restaurants in Shiraz

Top Five Shiraz Restaurants

Dining in a new city is both an exciting and enriching part of traveling. Knowing the best restaurants, and each restaurant’s best dish is two pieces of information that all travelers should be equipped with. As one of Iran’s most popular tourist destinations, Shiraz has some amazing restaurants that serve both Iranian and international dishes. Below you will find a list of the best Shiraz restaurants and the best thing to order in each of them.

Haft Khan Restaurant

Whether you’re craving for seafood, want a proper Iranian meal, or are a vegetarian who wants to have a high-quality vegetarian meal, Haft Khan is the place for you. Located close to Qur’an Gate, Haft Khan is a luxurious restaurant that provides the customer with top quality meals while entertaining them with live music. The pleasant atmosphere, its proximity to Qur’an Gate (and the view you have of it from the restaurant), and professional staff are the other qualities that make Haft Khan one of the most famous (if not the most famous) Shiraz restaurant.

Haft Khan Shiraz Resturant

The complex consists of 5 different restaurants that are located on 5 different floors, in addition to two cafes. The most famous meal in Haft Khan is Shirazi Dampokht with Lamb Meat (A Shirazi meal based on rice with lamb), although its Tahchin(Iranian rice cake), Fesenjan(Chicken stew with walnut and pomegranate sauce) are also quite tasty. If you don’t want to have Iranian food, its pizza and mushroom soup are also said to be very delicious.

Soofi Restaurant

Soofi is one of the most popular traditional Shiraz restaurants. The traditional style of the restaurant with its arches is designed to give strong old Iranian vibes. Besides the beautiful architecture and amazing food, there’s also live music played at the restaurant that you can enjoy while eating your meal.

Soofi Restaurant in Shiraz

Soofi restaurant is best known for its kebabs, although it is also said to have the best Kalam Polo(The most famous Shirazi dish based on rice, cabbage, and minced meat) in Shiraz. Soofi is also a great place to test some Shirazi meals like Shekar Polo (literally meaning Sugar Rice, with a combination of saffron, shredded almonds, pistachios, and orange peels, usually served with chicken or lamb), or Ash-e-Sabzi (a Shirazi Ash based on herbs and beans). In case you don’t want to have Iranian food, you can also have pasta, pizza or fried chicken.

Sharzeh Restaurant

One of the oldest Shiraz restaurants, Sharzeh is close to the Vakil bazaar and Vakil Bath. This makes it a great choice when you’re craving some top-quality meal after sightseeing in the city. Since the restaurant is very busy, you should try to be there at an earlier time, or book a table beforehand (you can ask your hotel‘s receptionist to help with this). This restaurant also has a live band that plays old Iranian music.

Sharzeh Restaurant

Sharzeh has the best Koobideh (kebab made from ground beef or lamb) in the city. It is also a great place to have other types of kebabs like Fish Kebab or the traditional Lari Kebab (Kebab which has been marinated in yogurt).

Parhami Traditional House

There is an old traditional house located close to Nasir-ol-molk Mosque that dates back to about 200 years ago. This building, called Parhami Traditional House, has one of the oldest restaurants in Shiraz that serves some of the finest traditional dishes in the city.

Parhami Traditional House has a beautiful restaurant.

The most famous dish to have here is Kalam Polo, which is served in copper platters. Next to your meal, you are brought the famous Kahoo-Sekanjebin (Lettuce with a side of Sekanjebin which is a famous Persian syrup made of honey and vinigar). You can ask for tea and Ranginak to finish your experience with a traditional dessert of the region.

Brentin Restaurant

With its beautiful white exterior and a balcony full of blooming flowers, Brentin is one of the most luxurious Shiraz restaurants. If you decide to visit this restaurant, treat yourself to its famous Tahchin or Spicy Meigoo-polo (Shrimp Rice).

Other Places

Besides the ones mentioned above, there are many options to pick from when it comes to Shiraz restaurants. To name a few there is Shater Abbas with its famous Koobidehs, Ghavam with its homemade tasty meals and eggplant-based dishes (e.g. Kashk-e-Bademjan) which are perfect for vegetarians, and Seray-E-Mehr Tea house which is located in the Vakil Bazaar and has a number of traditional Iranian dishes like Dizi (a mutton-based dish with chickpeas).

To finish off your delicious experience, don’t forget to have the traditional Shirazi dessert Faloodeh: it’s one of the most famous desserts in Iran that consists of thin noodles served in a cold syrup with sugar and rose water. Add some lime juice to enhance its taste, and enjoy eating it while you take in the great beauty of the city of Shiraz.

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