Where do you want to stay in Iran?


Where you want to stay in Iran depends on what you prefer to do. Leisure or business?  What do you want to do first in the morning? Paying a visit to Persepolis, 60 kilometers out of Shiraz, or you are here to talk business in bustling metropolises?

Having more time on your table means more possibilities. Choosing the closest accommodation to your point of interest is of great value. You like to know how to arrange your travel’s accommodation choices, read the following.

Go to our website and drop pins to book a room in Moshir Caravanserai in Yazd and also find cut price deals up to %70 for Iranian hotels, B&Bs, and dorms, ranging from 15 to 1,300 USD per night.


A four-season country like Iran offers you a great set of choices. There are fine traditional houses in central Iran, strongly recommended in fall for history enthusiasts. Or you would prefer a day in a hotel in Golestan Forest in spring? To be on stream with our travel guides and deals, you can follow our website or socials.

If you are a backpacker who would like to travel light, spend the night in the most available option along the way like dorms or hostels, remember you can find your goal just by asking around in internet forums. connect locals on social networks and ask for suggestions.

Iranians are hospitable as you have heard. We will provide you with answers. It is even possible to get invited to a stranger’s house, who just met you in the street. Do not hesitate, ask us anything on our Twitter, Instagram, or our comment section on our website.

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