Where to Stay in Tehran: The Top 5-star Hotels of Tehran

Where to Stay in Tehran: Four most luxurious hotels in the capital

Tehran is one of the most visited cities of Iran, both for business and vacation trips. It also has one of the widest ranges of accommodations in the country, from cheap one-star hotels and motels to some of the fanciest hotels of Iran. The only issue you might face is making a choice on where to stay in Tehran.

On the ‘where to stay’ series, we will try to introduce the top hotels of a city in a certain price ranges. In this blog, we will take a look at the best 5-star hotels in Tehran based on their amenities, services, location, and staff.

Espinas Palace Behroud

Where to stay in Tehran: outside view of Espinas Palace

Renowned by many as the largest and fanciest hotel in the capital, Espinas Palace Behroud is a 20-story luxurious hotel located in northwestern Tehran. Since its construction in 2015, Espinas has been a popular choice for many diplomats and international business travelers, who often put a premium on service quality.

Inside Decoration of Espinas Palace

With 42 meeting rooms and over 12 conference halls that support between 50 and 1200 people, Espinas is well equipped for its guests who are on a business trip. The hotel’s 700 accommodation units are tastefully decorated, and the top-story rooms overlook a beautiful panoramic view of Tehran. In terms of location, Espinas Palace is close to many downtown areas in the north of Tehran, and you can always use the hotel’s taxi service to go wherever you want.

Amenities in Espinas Palace include a free fitness salon, bowling room, international restaurant, jacuzzi, and massage services among many others. The catering quality and room services are also 5-star worthy in Espinas Palace, but what really sets this hotel apart from its competitors is the professional attitude of its staff. They are kind, welcoming, and will make sure all your needs are met. Overall, if you don’t care about expenses and give luxuriousness a high priority, Espinas Palace is a definite answer to your question of where to stay in Tehran.

Parsian Azadi Hotel

Outside view of Parsian Azadi hotel

Parsian Azadi, one of the oldest hotels in Tehran, has been one of the top quality accommodations in the capital for a very long time. The massive building stands prominently in the Chamran highway in the north of Tehran.

Parsian Azadi has 420 accommodation units and six different room types. The hotel also has three distinct restaurants, including the Orchid international restaurant, the 24-hour Iranian Ethnic Cuisine restaurant, and the Bice Italian restaurant. Multiple conference and bouquet halls are also available for different purposes.

Room in Parsian Azadi overlooking the swimming pool.

In terms of amenities and services, Parsian Azadi meets all the 5-star expectations. Some of the hotel’s amenities include a swimming pool, spa, sauna, fitness salon, and 24/7 coffee shop. It’s worth to mention that multiple parts of Parsian Azadi are designed for the disabled. The staff are also bilingual, kind, and overall professional.

Espinas Persian Gulf

Espinas Persian Gulf in Keshavarz Blvd

Espinas Persian Gulf is located comfortably in the Keshavarz Boulevard right in the center of Tehran, providing easy access to all parts of the city. Like its sister Espinas Palace Behroud, Espinas Persian Gulf meets all the necessary 5-star criteria while adding its own blend of expertise. In terms of location and ease of access to the rest of the city, Espinas Persian Gulf is the definite 5-star answer of where to stay in Tehran.

Traditional Restaurant in Espinas Persian Gulf

The hotel’s 224 decorated rooms contain tea, coffee, and free mineral water. A large swimming pool, fitness center, high-speed Wi-Fi, spacious meeting halls, and three international restaurants are among this hotel’s amenities. The staff are also very professional and will take care of your requests with the utmost care.

Homa Hotel

Homa hotel: outside view

Maybe it’s not the most luxurious hotel in Tehran, but the beautiful Homa Hotel ranks very high in terms of popularity with business travelers who are looking for decent 5-star accommodation. Part of this popularity is due to Homa’s location. It is located in the most downtown area of Tehran in Vanak Square, where you can access most parts of the city with just a taxi.

Inside decoration of Homa hotel

The other winning quality of Homa is its staff. They are professional, extremely kind, and most of them speak English. Catering and room service quality are also quite satisfactory in Homa. Some of the amenities in the hotel include a large swimming pool with jacuzzi and sauna, gym, tennis court, shopping center, massage services, and the Me’raj restaurant in the top floor with a panoramic view of the city.

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