Why you should visit Tabriz

Blue Mosque in Tabriz

Mild summers of Tabriz, the capital of East Azerbaijan province, in north western Iran have made this city a thriving tourist destination for whom that seek escape from hot summer days.
The old trading city on the Silk Road, Tabriz is rich Azari culture and historical heritage along with having agreeable summer climate have added to the virtues of its situation and likability.

The origin of the city supposedly dates back to before Sassanian era (224-651 AD). It has played a major role through the history. During the Safavid dynasty, it rose from regional to the national capital for a short period, since the second of the Safavid kings, Shah Tahmasb, changed the capital to Qazvin as a result of Tabriz being vulnerable to attacks from the Ottomans beyond the northwestern borders of Iran.

Tarbiat Alley in Tabriz

The fifth biggest city of Iran, Tabriz, is located around 600 km northwest of Tehran and is perfect for leisure walks. Plan to stay in Tabriz more than three days since it is filled with architectural sites, handicrafts, and other attractions.

You may wonder where to visit while you are in Tabriz. Follow the post to find out.

Tabriz Bazaar


Grand Bazaar

Tabriz bazaar is the biggest covered bazaar and one of the oldest ones in the world. It has different sections such as leather, carpet, jewelry, and other household appliances.
The bazaar is on the UNESCO World Heritage list which you can easily find out why when you set foot in it, filled with the bustling of shoppers and shopkeepers.

Grand Bazaar of Tabriz

It will take a day or two to visit all the corners and enjoy the Iranian architecture at its finest.

Although the prices are reasonable and salesmen are kind, you need a guide if you cannot speak Persian or Turkish.

Tabriz Grand Bazaar


Blue Mosque

After three terrible earthquakes that turned Tabriz somehow into a pile of dust in the recent centuries, the 14th-century mosque is still there with its fantastic tile art and blue color which cannot be produced again using all the modern technology.

Tabriz Blue Mosque
With no minarets and two domes on the enclosed building, the mosque sits within the courtyard that has only two iwans which are vaulted spaces around the courtyard with decorative brickwork.

There are still some places in the blue tiles of the mosque, where you can have a sense how was it like before it was severely damaged.


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