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Alisadr Tourism Hotel Kabudarahang

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3.6 from 5
1 reviews

Address Alisadr Tourism Hotel Kabudarahang

"Alisadr Village, Goltapeh, Kaboudar Ahang, Hamedan, Iran"
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1 reviews
User Rating
1 reviews
  • Value for Money 4.0 /5
  • Cleanliness 4.0 /5
  • Staff 4.0 /5
  • Food and Catering Quality 4.0 /5
  • Hotel Amenities 2.0 /5
  • Nearby Attractions 1.0 /5
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  • کامبیز
    نسبت به قیمت ارائه شده ارزش رزرو دارد. هتلی است با امکانات بسیار پایین و دانشجویی. more
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about Alisadr Tourism Hotel Kabudarahang

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" Address: Alisadr Village, Goltappeh District, Kabudarahang Jahangardi Hotel of Ali Sadr Ali Sadr Village is a subordinate of Kabudarahang County, located 7 kilometers on North West of Hamadan. Jahangardi Hotel of Ali Sadr is in close proximity to Ali Sadr water cave which is one the natural wonders in the world. This cave is as old as the second geological period (you may have heard of Jurassic). One of the main paths to the cave is Jahangardi Hotel which is located next to the main entrance of Ali Sadr Cave. Ali Sadr Cave is situated in Sari Qayah Heights. Sari Qayah means yellow rock, and it may be interesting to know that Ali Sadr is not the only cave in this region. Other caves like Subashi and Saraab are near this cave which you can visit. Jahangardi Hotel of Ali Sadr has always been popular among people travelling to Hamadan, especially environmentalists, due to its exquisite location. The charming green space is the perfect venue to hang out and take a walk. There are some local markets, a restaurant and a fast food joint nearby, providing pleasant a time for you. Above all, there’s an observatory overlooking this hotel which you can visit at nights, and watch the stars in a clear sky. Jahangardi Hotel is an ideal choice for people not interested in camping, but who are fond of nature and visiting natural attractions. "

generalAmenities Alisadr Tourism Hotel Kabudarahang

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  • prayer room
  • safe box
  • shoe wax machine
  • free and unlimited internet in the lobby
  • fire fighting capsule in the lobby
  • hand craft and souvenirs store
  • ramp
  • housing service

reservationIn Alisadr Tourism Hotel Kabudarahang

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امتیاز هتل از دید کاربران اسنپ‌تریپ

1 reviews
  • Value for Money 4.0/5
  • Cleanliness 4.0/5
  • Staff 4.0/5
  • Food and Catering Quality 4.0/5
  • Hotel Amenities 2.0/5
  • Nearby Attractions 1.0/5
  • کامبیز
    اقامت در 2018-06-06 اتاق چهار تخته
    اقامت در 2018-06-06 اتاق چهار تخته

    نسبت به قیمت ارائه شده ارزش رزرو دارد. هتلی است با امکانات بسیار پایین و دانشجویی. ... more Close