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Tourism Hotel Lar

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Address Tourism Hotel Lar

"Jomhuri Eslami Blvd, behind Imam Sadjad Hospital, New City, Lar, Iran"
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about Tourism Hotel Lar

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" Address: opposite National Organization for Civil Registration, Jomhoori-e Eslami Boulevard, behind Imam Sajjad Hospital, New City of Lar Jahangardi Hotel of Lar Building Jahangardi Hotel of Lar was finished by the year 2006. This hotel has got good facilities and a clean environment, and most travelers have been satisfied with their stay. The particular location of this hotel is quite fantastic as it has easy access to most of the sights and tourist attractions in this region. Hormud protected zone is one of the places that attracts many tourists. Lar is a historic city, and you can visit many historical castles that date back to the Sassanid Period or even earlier times. Among these castles, one can name Ezhdeha Peikar, Ilud, Keighobad, etc. Lar has been an important region for military reasons. The most ancient monument in this region is Karian Fire Temple which belongs to the Arsacid Empire. This fire temple is one the three great fire temples that outlive Islam. By staying at Jahangardi Hotel of Lar, you will have a short distance with these historical monuments. So, if you’re into ancient history, choose Tourist Hotel of Lar, so as to easily spend your time visiting these places, with no waste of time and energy on your way to and back from these sites. "

generalAmenities Tourism Hotel Lar

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  • conference hall
  • prayer room
  • fastfood
  • limited indoor parking lot
  • first aid kit
  • fire extinguisher capsule in corridor
  • LCD TV in the lobby
  • free and unlimited internet in the lobby

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امتیاز هتل از دید کاربران اسنپ‌تریپ

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