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Culture and Art Hotel Mashhad

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4.9 from 5
2 reviews
"Razi 1 St., Western Razi St., 10 Day Square, Imam Khomeini St., Mashhad, Iran"
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4.9 From 5
From 2 registered reviews
User Rating
4.9 From 5
From 2 registered reviews
  • Hotel Amenities 4.5 /5
  • Nearby Attractions 4.5 /5
  • Value for Money 5.0 /5
  • Cleanliness 5.0 /5
  • Staff 5.0 /5
  • Food and Catering Quality 5.0 /5
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  • امیر اخوان خراریان
    ما برای ۱ شب سه اتاق رزرو کردیم که میتونم بگم اتاق هتل خوب و تمیزی هست. نزدیک به حرم هست که با تاکسی راحت میشه رفت و سرویس رفت و برگشت ساعت های ۳:۳۰ ۹:۳۰ ۱۰:۳۰ و فکر کنم دو سرویس هم بعد از ظهر داشت. صبحانه هتل هم خوب بود و ساده بود. کولر اتاق ما نسبت به اتاق های دیگه کمتر خنک میکرد که به پذیرش اعلام کردیم و گفتند بررسی میکنند. برخورد کارکنان بسیار عالی بود و پارکینگ هتل هم رو باز بود. در کل از اقامتم در این هتل راضی هستم و از اسنپ تریپ هم برای این رزرو تشکر میکنم more
  • هتل از هر لحاظ عالی وباکیفیت غذا عالی نظافت عالی برخورد کارکنان عالی more
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About the Hotel

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" Address: on the corner of West Razi 1 Farhang-o Honar (Culture & Art) Hotel of Mashhad Farhang-o Honar is a six-floor hotel in Mashhad, with a peaceful and cozy atmosphere. You’re 165 minutes away from the entrance of the Holy Shrine. So, you’ll be staying at one of the best regions in Mashhad. This hotel is equipped with modern and advanced facilities. Therefore, it is a good choice for holding various official ceremonies. The restaurant and the café are quite acceptable. As the name suggests, this hotel puts culture and art into emphasis. That’s why the staff are very friendly and pay great respect when dealing with the guests. The quiet and cozy atmosphere adds to the charms of this hotel. This hotel does not take foreign and Arab guests in, and it is exclusive to Iranians. The cleanness and beauty of the rooms along with their brightness are some features that have made this hotel popular among travelers. A park, the National Garden, Zist Khavar Complez, Malek House, etc. are all in close proximity to this hotel. "

Main Amenities

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  • Confrence room
  • Elevator
  • Meeting room
  • Prayer room
  • LCD TV in lobby
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