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Sharin Guesthouse Mashhad

- from 5
no reviews
ratings snapptrip
2.8 from 5
11 reviews
"Eastern Danesh 21 St., Imam Reza 12 St., Imam Reza St., Mashhad, Iran"
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2.8 From 5
From 11 registered reviews
User Rating
2.8 From 5
From 11 registered reviews
  • Hotel Amenities 3.1 /5
  • Nearby Attractions 3.2 /5
  • Value for Money 4.0 /5
  • Cleanliness 3.4 /5
  • Staff 3.8 /5
  • Food and Catering Quality 3.2 /5
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  • فاطمه کریمی
    هتل متوسطیه ولی در سطح خودش خوب بود. more
  • زهرا عبادی
    به حرم نزدیک بود که برای هتل های مشهد این بهترین نکتست. more
  • علی اصغر ملک لو
    khadamatesh kame. ghazashoonam khoob nist. more
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About the Hotel

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" Address: 8th Onsori, 12th Imam Reza, Imam Reza Street, Mashhad Sharin Hotel of Mashhad Sharin Hotel of Mashhad is one of the most elegant hotels in Mashhad and one of the closest ones to the Holy Shrine. This 6 floor hotel has well-equipped facilities, and the costs are reasonable proportional to the services offered. The architecture and exterior design are so amazing that they catch the eye of all passersby. "

Main Amenities

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  • Prayer room
  • Elevator
  • Persian restaurant
  • Cafe shop
  • Fire alarm
  • 24/7 Room service
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