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Toos Hotel Mashhad

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3.0 from 5
1 reviews

Address Toos Hotel Mashhad

"Shirazi St., Mashhad, Iran"
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1 reviews
User Rating
1 reviews
  • Value for Money 3.0 /5
  • Cleanliness 3.0 /5
  • Staff 3.0 /5
  • Food and Catering Quality 3.0 /5
  • Hotel Amenities 3.0 /5
  • Nearby Attractions 3.0 /5
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about Toos Hotel Mashhad

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" Address: next to Vanak Complex, Shirazi Street, Mashhad Toos Hotel of Mashhad Toos Hotel of Mashhad is the nearest four-star hotel to the Holy Shrine. This hotel has a large building which was built using modern and creative architectural standards. Toos Hotel has got a three-floor mall inside the hotel complex which is a great advantage to those interested in shopping. Another attraction of this hotel is the charming lighting which keeps glaring in the heart of the city each night. The location is suitable for all travelers, and by staying at this hotel, one can secure a sweet memory of the city of Mashhad. "

generalAmenities Toos Hotel Mashhad

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  • Elevator
  • Prayer room
  • Gym
  • Fire alarm
  • ATM
  • Sea food
  • Parking
  • Cab

reservationIn Toos Hotel Mashhad

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