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Jahangardi Hotel Shahrekord

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Address Jahangardi Hotel Shahrekord

"Shariati St., Shahre Kord, Iran"
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about Jahangardi Hotel Shahrekord

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" Address: Opposite the Municipality, Shariati Street Jahangardi Hotel of Shahrekord Jahangardi Hotel of Shahrekord was established in 1978 under the name of Jalb-e Sayyahan (Tourist Attraction) and was renovated in 2009. The traditional architectural style which accords with the context of the city along with the bright environment of the hotel are among the many privileges of this hotel. Frequent guests of the tourist complex have always been satisfied with the service, proportional to the accommodation costs they pay and Jahangardi Hotel of Shahrekord is not an exception to this rule. "

generalAmenities Jahangardi Hotel Shahrekord

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امتیاز هتل از دید کاربران اسنپ‌تریپ

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