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Parand Apartments Tehran

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"Shahid Motahari Blvd., Basirat Square, Parand New Town, Imam Khomeini Airport, Tehran"
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About the Hotel

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" Address: Parand Apartment Hotel, down Shahid Motahhari Boulevard, Basirat Square, New Town of Parand, ten kilometers away from Imam Khomeini Airport Parand Apartment Hotel of Tehran Parand Apartment Hotel is very suitable for people going to the airport for business purposes on a daily basis who need to cut down on their travel expenses. This apartment hotel is located twenty kilometers away from Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran, and by staying at this hotel, you won’t need to pay much money to get to the airport. Moreover, as this accommodation center is an apartment hotel, you will be in charge of food expenses. Parand Apartment Hotel is particularly a good choice for people travelling on business, paving the way to their comfort by the welfare facilities it offers. "

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