Frequently Asked Question on Iran Hotel Bookings

General Questions


Why should I trust Snapptrip?

With the e-namad badge (Electronic Trust Badge) from Iran’s Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, Snapptrip is among the select businesses in Iran that have official certification from the government. Furthermore, numerous happy domestic and international customers are proof to our quality services.


I want to submit my bookings as a company, but how?

If you want to register as a company and use its related bonuses, please visit the business portal at and sign up your business account. Once you finalize your registration, you can submit your reservations as a company.


What discounts and bonuses does Snapptrip offer to companies?

Our business customers can enjoy a variety of bonuses such as promotional discounts and permanent discounts, among other things. To learn about these bonuses please visit business portal or contact the Companies and Agencies department in Snapptrip.


How can I receive company invoices?

In order to receive company invoices, you need to register as a company and submit your reservations at Normal users who make their reservations at receive personal invoices.


How can I receive promo codes?

By subscribing to Snapptrip’s newsletter and following Snapptrip on social media, you can learn about the latest events and campaigns where promo codes are distributed.


Does Snapptrip offer tours?

No, but Snapptrip offers the tour components individually and lets you compare them and choose the best options.


Can I use loyalty points and promo codes simultaneously?

No. Only one discount option is available for each reservation. You can find more information on loyalty points at Loyalty Program


How can I find out about the latest special offers?

By subscribing to our newsletter, you will receive emails that will keep you updated on Snapptrip’s latest special offers. To register, please enter your email address in the subscription section in home page.


Do the prices included in the website contain value-added tax?

Yes. The prices included in Snapptrip are final and won’t include any additional fees.


Can I book in person?

No, Snapptrip offers online booking services exclusively.


Why did Pintapin become Snapptrip?

We joined the network of Iran Internet Group’s companies from our early days in 2015. The main goal of Iran Internet Group has always been to give customers a chance to choose for themselves, by providing them with new and safe options. Snapp and Snappfood have succeeded in this regard by being the first and the best in online city transport and online food ordering respectively. With the same goal in mind, we have optimized our online services to the point that we can claim we have made a significant impact on tourism as a whole in Iran. This is why we chose to continue as “Snapptrip” to lead the way with the top organizations of Iran Internet Group.


What is the relationship between Snapptrip and Flightio?

Flightio is one of the top online flight ticket reservation companies in Iran that covers numerous domestic and international airlines. Snapptrip and Flightio have started a partnership with the mutual goal of expanding their services. Anyone wishing to book flight tickets in Snapptrip is redirected to the Flightio website.



Do you support international hotels?

Yes. You can book international hotels in Snapptrip. Contact our 24/7 support team If you face any problems while checking in or checking out of a hotel.


Each hotel has a set time for check-in and check-out. What should I do if I want to check in or check out at a different time? Can I request it on Snapptrip?

In both cases the hotel incurs an additional fee (20 to 50 percent of a room’s normal fee). Submit your check-in and check-out times in the special requests section when booking a hotel and we will make the necessary arrangements. You can also call Snapptrip’s support team and we can submit the request for you.


How is Instant Booking different from normal bookings?

When booking normally, you need wait a variable amount of time (after submitting your reservation) before we confirm the availability of the selected rooms and send you the payment link. Instant Booking is an exclusive option where hotel capacities are pre-confirmed, allowing you to access the payment gateway immediately and receive your voucher right afterwards.


Can I invite guests to my room?

This is impossible in Iran, but you can meet your guests in the hotel lobby.


Are the prices per room or per person?

The prices are room based but each room has a set capacity that limits the number of people who can stay in it. Please note that you can book extra beds for some rooms.


What’s the difference between double and twin beds?

A double bed is a large bed for two people but twin beds are two separate single beds.


Can we pick a specific room or floor in a hotel?

You can submit your request in the special requests section and we will let you know if the desired room/floor is available or not.


What should I do in order to request airport transfer?

Insert your flight information in the special requests section and we will provide you with the details once we make the necessary arrangements.


What do half board and full board mean?

Full board includes accommodation and all 3 meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Half board includes accommodation and breakfast plus one of either lunch or dinner as per guests’ choice.


Is it possible to book two different rooms simultaneously?

No. You should book each room separately. However, the android Snapptrip app allows you to book two different rooms simultaneously.


How long does it take for my reservation to finalize after I have submitted it?

It takes about 10 to 20 minutes after submitting your reservation for our support team to review it and call you.


I have submitted a hotel reservation but didn’t receive any response. How can I track my reservation?

Click on “Track Your Purchase” in the top left corner of the home page. Enter your booking code and phone number to find the current status of your reservation. You can also access all your previous bookings on your profile page in Snapptrip.


How are suites and rooms different?

Suites include living rooms and bedrooms as opposed to rooms which only consist of a single room.


Do hotels have any special plans for newlywed couples?

Depends on the hotel. It’s best to mention this in the special requests section so we can process your request and come back to you with the result. You can also select honeymoon suites or rooms while booking a hotel (if the hotel has any).


Where can I find a hotel’s phone number in your website or app?


How can I make sure a hotel has enough capacity?

Submit your reservation in the website. Our support team will contact you and let you know the capacity of your desired hotel.