Come to Iran for a warm soak in winter


Although the freezing winter of northern hemisphere forces many attractions out of travelers’ wish list, do not get cold feet since alluring options are still on the table.

If you are of those people who thinks there’s nothing more cheering than relaxing in a hot bathtub after a long day, read this following then pack your swim suit into the luggage, book nearest hotel to your destination and buy your flight ticket to start your travel towards some of the world’s renowned hot springs (Ab-e garm in Farsi) around our country.

Iran is in rank with countries such as China, Taiwan, or Costa Rica that are famous for their thermal springs and provides tourist with winter escapes in lavish country-sides.

Natural springs whose heat is above its surrounding are called thermal or hot springs which can be leisurely fun activities in nature, mostly accompanied by gorgeous views of the rolling valleys or rivers below or eccentric sceneries.

Holding more dissolved solids such as minerals, ranging from calcium to lithium or even radium at some points, results in being of excellent medical value and ease a range of physical maladies.

There are types of heating up for ground water in the springs; In non-volcanic zones, water heats up when it gradually goes down towards the mantle of the earth and as for active volcanic areas, the water get heated when it contacts magma. Some hot springs erupt steam and some shoot water upward in fountains when the pressure is enough.

The 200-years Ferdows Hot Spring is a hot mineral spring located about 20 km north of Ferdows city in eastern Iran at Southern Khorasan province, near an inactive volcano. Bathing in the mineral water is suggested for healing skin diseases and rheumatism.

The resort has several individual bathtubs, some public pools, motels, and other accommodation and recreational options near the spring for tourists.

It is fun to know that an earthquake in 1968 had led into drying out of the spring, however, the water started flowing two years later.

Western Azerbaijan province is brimful of hot springs. 46 springs near or in cities such as Chalderan, Makou, Khouy, Salmaas or many others made the Western Azerbaijan a chilling mecca for whom want to mildly enjoy the hotness coming from the earth in colds of winter. Locating next to ancient sites could be a great additional value for history enthusiasts who wants finish a blissful day with a walk in a truly idyllic setting.

To name a few provinces in Iran with abundant hot springs, Khorasan Razavi province comes atop the list. Kariz Hot Spring in Kashmar county could belong to a painting of an exquisite forested valley with a wild river roaming through it. Experts say Kariz is richer in minerals and chemical compounds than any other in Iran.

Shahr-e Kohne Hot Spring in Qouchan county is also famous for its strategical location next to ancient sites, dating back to 250 BC.

Iran’s springs would be proper thermal pools for all who appreciate relaxing with a warm soak. From north to south, east to west of the country, you can find hot springs and natural mineral pools or cities being famous for having such natural phenomenon which can restore your mind, body, and soul as you soak.

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