Isfahan Shopping Centers and What to Buy in Each One

Isfahan Shopping

As one of the most modern cities of Iran, tourist attractions aren’t the only things that Isfahan is known for. From traditional bazaars to hyper-modern shopping malls, you can find almost anything you want in this big city. Continue reading below to find a list of the best Isfahan shopping centers and where you can buy a special type of product.

Isfahan Shopping: Categorized by Product

Men’s Clothing: Enghelab Complex and Chahar Bagh-e Abbasi Street are the best places to shop for men clothing. Shohad square and its malls are also good options for buying men’s t-shirt. T-shirt prices generally vary based on the time of the year, but they are always fairly reasonable in Shohada square.

If you are looking to buy formal shirts for men, then Enghelab Complex is a good option for you. There is a large variety of formal shirts available in this Isfahan shopping mall, but the prices are relatively high.

Khaghani street is also a good place for buying men’s clothing.

Isfahan Shopping Manto

Manto: Almost every Isfahan Shopping center has at least two or three shops that sell Manto. But if you are looking for somewhere that offers a large variety of Mantos in one place, then you should visit Nazar street. This street has the highest number of shops that sell Manto, but beware that it is also a little more expensive compared to other places.

Other good spots for buying Manto include: Chahar Bagh-e Abbasi street, Taleghani Street, and City Center commercial complex.

Bags & Shoes: Although they can be found almost anywhere, bags and shoes (and some other accessories) are best found in Sepah street. Sepah street is located right in front of the historical Chehel Sotun pavilion.

Park complex is another good option for buying bags and shoes. This Isfahan shopping mall is located at the start of Sepah street and its basement level specializes at selling bags and shoes.

Isfahan bags and shoes shops

Souvenirs: Isfahan is one of the best places in Iran to shop for handicrafts and souvenirs. In addition to Isfahan’s own delicious Gaz and Poolaki, this city is also a great place to buy traditional Iranian handicrafts like Khatam, Vitreous enamel, Miniatures, and Toreutics.

The best places to shop for handicrafts are Chahar Bagh-e Abbasi street and Naghsh-e Jahan square. Handicraft stores can also be found in modern Isfahan Shopping centers such as City Cetner.

Isfahan handicrafts

The Isfahan Bazaar and Naghsh-e Jahan square are the best-known places that sell Gaz and Poolaki. They offer a large variety of packaging and prices so you can take whatever suits you the best.

Mobile Phone: The Esfahan Mobile Market, located in Ferdowsi street, is a well-known place for buying mobile phones. Opened in 2012, this complex features a permanent exhibition and gives reliable after-sales guarantees.

The Most Famous Isfahan Shopping Centers

City Center Shopping Complex: City Center is easily the biggest shopping center in Isfahan. This seven-story building is located at the beginning of the Shiraz-Isfahan road. Like other big shopping malls, City Center has a food court, cinema, fitness center, and an entire floor dedicated to a hypermarket. You can buy almost anything in City Center, including handicrafts, clothing, and housewares.

Address: Sepahan Shahr south entrance, Dastgerdi Expressway, Isfahan

Osun Commercial Complex: Osun is one of the more stylish shopping centers in Isfahan. You can find clothing and jewelry from different international brands in this shopping center. It’s worth noting that the prices in Osun are relatively high compared to other shopping centers. If you are looking for less expensive products, you should do your window shopping in Osun and then head for Park Shopping Mall which is just a few minutes away from Osun.

Address: Chahar Bagh Boulevard, Isfahan

Park Shopping Mall: Park was opened 40 years ago in Chahar Bagh boulevard. This famous shopping mall is known for its beautiful outdoor exterior and its decent products.

Park is a fantastic shopping center for families. You can find products for all ages in this shopping center. It’s worth noting that Park is considered as one of the less expensive shopping centers of Isfahan.

Address: Chahar Bagh boulevard, Isfahan

Park Shopping mall Isfahan

Other Isfahan Shopping Centers:

Martin Commercial Complex: Vank Cathedral alley, Nazar Sharghi street, Hakim Nezami crossroad, Isfahan

Mehrsan Shopping Center: Bozorgmehr Street, Isfahan

Jolfa Shopping Center: Chahar Soughiha alley, Khaghani street, Isfahan

Jashnvareh Shopping Center: Khorshid Alley, Nazar Sharghi Street, Hakim Nezami crossroad, Isfahan

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