The Best Hotels in Mashhad (2019)

best hotels in mashhad (2019)

The holy city of Mashhad is one of the most popular tourist destination in Iran. Every year, more than 15 million pilgrims visit Mashhad to pray at the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza. Over the years, this religious city has gone through several reconstructions to become one of the most modern cities in Iran.

Additionally, Mashhad has some of the most luxurious hotels in the country. If you put a high priority on top-level amenities and services, continue reading to learn about the best hotels in Mashhad.

Almas 2 Hotel, first in the list of the best hotels in Mashhad

almas 2, one of the best hotels in mashhad

Many consider almast 2 hotel to be the most luxurious hotel in Mashhad. This 25-story hotel was opened in 2016 and has since been one of the best hotels in Mashhad. The success of Almas 2 can be attributed to a few reasons: professional staff, excellent amenities and services, and a great location near the Holy Shrine.

Some of the amenities at Almas 2 include a swimming pool with sauna and Jacuzzi, a swimming pool for children, a spa, a fitness salon, free airport shuttle, and a revolving restaurant. High speed Wi-Fi is available throughout the building. If you’re craving food at any time of the day, Almas 2 also has a 24/7 restaurant and coffee shop available.

almas 2 lobby

Guests who stayed at Almas 2 often note the friendliness of its staff. They are not only kind and polite, they will also go out of their way to help you with what you need. If you can’t speak Farsi, some of the staff speak fluent Arabic and English to help with their international guests.

Almas 2 is located in the Imam Reza street which leads to the Holy Shrine and the Reza Bazaar. Walking from Almas 2 to the Holy Shrine takes less than 20 minutes, and going by car takes about 5 minutes. All in all, Almas 2 is definitely one of the best hotels in Mashhad for guests who want a more luxurious stay.

Ghasr Talaee Hotel

ghasr talaee outside view

As one of the highest rated hotels in Mashhad, ghasr talaee hotel is one of the best hotels in Mashhad according to guests who stayed at the hotel. It has an average user rating of 4.3 on Snapptrip and 4.5 on TripAdvisor. Guests who have stayed in Ghasr Talaee emphasize on some positive points. These points include the hotel’s location, catering quality, and the staff.

Ghasr Talaee is built in 20 floors with a large variety of room types that overlook the Holy Shrine and the city. If you ever feel hungry, the hotel has a few restaurants that serve both Iranian and international cuisine. If seafood is what you are craving, Ghasr Talaee’s restaurants are said to have some of the best seafood in the city. The hotel’s coffee shops are open 24/7 so you can grab your beverage at any time you want.

ghasr talaee night cafe

Like other 5-star hotels in Mashhad, Ghasr Talaee features a wide range of amenities. They include a Turkish bathhouse, a swimming pool with sauna and Jacuzzi, a fitness room, beauty salon, hotel doctor, kids’ playground, billiard room, and free shuttle to and from the airport and the railway station.

Ghasr Talaee is located in the center of Mashhad in Imam Reza street. Taking a walk from the hotel to the Holy Shrine takes less than 15 minutes. If you catch a taxi, the Holy Shrine is less than 5 minutes away while the Mashhad’s railway station is only 20 minutes away.

Darvishi Hotel

darvishi hotel outside view

Since its opening in 2012, darvishi hotel has always been one of the most popular 5-star hotels in Mashhad. What are the reasons behind this popularity? Darvishi’s excellent location, stellar amenities, and professional staff.

Darvishi is located in Imam Reza street, which means it is only a 20 minutes walk from the Holy Shrine. The 25-story building of Darvishi stands tall in Imam Reza street and provides its guests at the top floors with a stunning view of the city. It’s noteworthy that Darvishi is one of the few hotel¬†atriums in Iran, which means that you can see all the 25 levels of this hotel from the lobby.

restaurant at darvishi hotel

Some of the amenities at Darvishi include a swimming pool with sauna and Jacuzzi, a spa, a sports room, free shuttle to and from the airport and railway station, and a mini bazaar. If you feel hungry, Firouzeh Restaurant in the hotel serves fast food, Atrium Restaurant serves Asian cuisine, while the roof garden restaurant serves a variety of cuisines in a beautiful view.

Ahmadabad Homa Hotel

Ahmadabad Hotel in Mashhad

The 40 year old ahmadabad homa hotel (also known as Homa 1) has been among the top hotels of Mashhad for a very long time. This level of consistency is really impressive, and shows that Ahmadabad Homa is certainly doing something right.

Ahmadabad Homa has all the expected amenities of a typical 5-star hotel. Some of these amenities include a kids’ playing ground, a swimming pool with sauna and Jacuzzi, a spa, large conference rooms, and outdoor gazebos.

ahmadabad homa outdoors view

Ahmadabad Homa is known for the hospitality of its staff. They are kind, helpful, and speak English really well. You can rely on them for helping you with whatever request you have. Additionally, Ahmadabad Homa is located in central Mashhad in one of the best neighborhoods in the city. You have access to multiple nearby shopping malls. Furthermore, getting to the airport, railway station, and the Holy Shrine takes less than 15 minutes each.

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