Iran launches e-visa for visitors


Iran’s online e-visa application is now available for tourists who want to obtain visa on arrival within three minutes.
Travelers interested in visiting Iran can pay a visit to the official portal, provided by Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and apply for a visa through the following link:
It is noteworthy to tell you that by entering all the required information, you will receive a visa application reference number which is needed at e-visa offices in airports at Shiraz, Mashhad, Tehran-IKA, Isfahan, and Urmia.
Citizens of over 180 countries are eligible to use the service. The United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Jordan, Somalia, Colombia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India are excluded. On the other hand, citizens of Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia, Armenia, Venezuela, Egypt, and Malaysia can travel to Iran without the obligation to apply for a visa.

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