The Best Shiraz Shopping Malls and Bazaars

Shiraz shopping malls and bazaars

Many admit that shopping is a crucial part of traveling, sometimes as important as sightseeing and dining out. It’s always a good idea to learn about the top shopping centers of your destinations before you prepare for your journey. Continue reading to learn about the best shopping malls and bazaars of Shiraz and what makes each one special.

Setareh Fars Complex, the ّfirst in the list of Shiraz shopping malls

Located on Afif-Abad Street, Setareh Fars is one of the most famous Shiraz shopping malls. A favorite with locals, this luxurious mall provides you with whatever you wish to buy, be it cosmetics, digital gadgets, or even furniture! Setareh Fars, however, is most famous for its boutiques, in which you can buy clothing for men, women, and children for almost all occasions.

Setareh Fars Shiraz shopping mall

You can spend hours in this shopping center and not get bored due to the variety of choices it offers. If you get hungry while visiting Setareh Fars, you can eat at its food court. Cuisines from Iran, Asia, India, and China are available in this food court. You also have the option of fast food if you’re craving some pizza or fried chicken.

Hamoon Complex

Next one in the list is Hamoon complex. Hamoon is located on Sattarkhan street, which is home to many shopping centers and boutiques that sell international brands. Hamoon is located in the center of the city, which makes it a popular place for the locals to shop in.

Hamoon Shopping Mall

Besides a plethora of shopping choices, what really makes Hamoon quite family-friendly is its amusement park. Because the amusement park is highly secured, families often leave their children playing while they go and enjoy shopping in what is one of the best Shiraz shopping malls. There are also multiple cafes and restaurants in Hamoon where you can dine in the middle of or after your shopping.

Zaytoon Shopping Center

Zaytoon shopping center

Zaytoon Shopping Center is not only one of the best Shiraz shopping malls, but it’s also a great place for entertainment. There are multiple entertainment options available in Zaytoon. They include a 3D theater, amusement park, multiple restaurants, and cafes. Another point that makes Zaytoon a popular Shiraz shopping mall is its closeness to line 2 of the underground metro station.

Vakil Bazaar

Vakil Bazaar is a very popular tourist destination for multiple reasons. It comes from a very rich historical point, and it carries that period’s architecture with it. It is also the perfect place to shop for the kind of souvenirs and food that Shiraz is famous for. What you have to keep in mind, however, is that the bazaar closes at 5:00 PM. You have to make sure that your shopping ends before this time.

Vakil Bazaar

The most famous things that you can purchase from Vakil Bazaar are Jajim (colorful two-sided carpets), Gelim (kelim, another type of Iranian carpet), Bahar Narenj (Orange blossom), and different types of araghs (Aragh is a product of a process of extracting essential oil or raw material from a root in water.) including Araghe Na’na (Mint water) and Aragh e Kasni (Chicory water). Another popular Shiraz souvenir that you can purchase from Vakil Bazaar is Masghati, a soft and transparent starch-based confection mixed with rose water and sugar.

Saraye Moshir

Built about 250 years ago, Saraye Moshir has had multiple functions through the passage of time. Museum, restaurant and tea house are some of the functions it has had. It is now one of the most famous places to shop in Shiraz and is comparable with giant Shiraz shopping malls.

Saraye Moshir

Saraye Moshir is the perfect place to buy traditional Iranian handicrafts such as Khatam Kari (Traditional Persian inlaying), Moaragh Kari (laying of colorful and valuable wood, such as ivory, oysters, and metal in different designs), and Ghalam Zani (Engraving on different metals especially copper). Besides such handicrafts, in Saraye Moshir you can buy valuable gems and traditional jewelry made of gold or silver.

Haji Bazaar

Haji Bazaar

Last but not least is one of the oldest bazaars in Shiraz. Although it’s not as glamorous and luxurious as some Shiraz shopping malls, Haji Bazaar is a cozy place with an attractive traditional atmosphere. Haji Bazaar is a great place for buying caskets with traditional designs, Termeh (a type of handwoven cloth), textile, and all types of sewing equipment. Additionally, at Haji Bazaar you can purchase traditional Iranian clothes, nuts, pots and cauldrons, along with so many other things. If you want to buy some souvenirs while spending time in a traditional bazaar, then Haji Bazaar is the place for you.

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