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Located in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Tehran, in Shemiranat, the Ferdows Garden is a historical complex built over a hundred years ago during the Qajar dynasty. It was originally a palace resort for the Qajar royal family and it later turned into an academic center during the Pahlavi era. It was only after the Islamic Revolution, however, that the Cinema Museum of Iran was moved into the Ferdows Garden and it became one of the most important Tehran tourist attractions. 

The Cinema Museum

The Iranian cinema is well known throughout the world these days; after all, there aren’t many people who haven’t heard of Asghar Farhadi and his Award-winning movie ‘A Separation’. Of course, the history and the roots of Iranian cinema go way back before Asghar Farhadi.

Cinema Museum of Iran is a major key in Tehran tourism

Located in one of the palaces in Ferdows Garden, the Cinema Museum depicts the long history of movies and cinema in Iran. Over the years it has grown to have a major impact on Tehran tourism and become one of the major reasons why people visit the Ferdows Garden on their trip to Tehran.

Display of old equipment used in Iranian cinemta

The Museum consists of seven different halls. The first hall introduces the viewer to the history of Iranian cinema with some old movie posters, peep shows, and ‘Parde Khani’ plays (old Iranian play where a narrator reads out the story of a religious, or mythical, figure off an illustrated curtain). The second hall showcases all the equipment Iranian filmmakers had used from 1952 to 2002, including old cameras, voice recorders, and microphones. In the third hall, you can find the international awards that Iranian filmmakers and actors have won throughout the years. The fifth hall is the hall of Armenians and Iran’s cinema. The sixth hall deals with the History of Cinema for Children and Young Adults. Lastly, the seventh hall is known as ‘The Room of Sound, Dubbing, and Music’, in which you can also find a variety of traditional Iranian instruments.

Other things you can do in Ferdows Garden

The garden itself is over 280 meters long. It is the ideal place to take long walks and get inspired. On your stroll, you can find multiple souvenir shops and bookshops.

Outdoors cafe in Ferdows Garden

If you are in the mood for eating, you can find three cafés in different parts of the Ferdows Garden, including Café Cinema that is located inside the Cinema Museum. Moreover, you can find an Aush and Haleem shop right outside the entrance.

There are also three movie theaters within Ferdows Garden. These theaters show the movies of the day and they are relatively less crowded than other movie theaters.

Getting to Ferdows Garden

The best way to reach Ferdows Garden is by the Vali-asr street BRT (Bus Rapid Transit). You can get on the bus anywhere in Vali-asr street. Make sure you get off the bus at the Zafaraniyeh (Persian: زعفرانیه) bus stop.

If you don’t like the traffic, you can also use the Metro to get to the Tajrish station. From there, you can get a taxi or hail a Snapp car for the short trip to the garden. Walking from the Tajrish square to Ferdows Garden won’t take you longer than 20 minutes either.

Entrance Fee and Hours

The entrance fee for non-Iranian visitors is currently 200000 Rials. The Ferdows Garden is open every day from 09:00 to 17:00, but on
Fridays and official holidays it’s open from 14:00 to 17:00.

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