Best things to do in Gorgan

Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forests of Gorgan

Once you visit the city of forested mountains and thousand-year old oak woods, Gorgan’s chilling vibe would flow into your veins, relieve the stress and balance your mood.

The capital city of Golestan province is home to emerald green forest of Alangdarreh, which is interwoven with the city, or juicy rib kabobs, which would be a haunting memory when you’re hungry.

If you are badly into exploring nature at its finest, do not hesitate, there are exceptional places to visit in Gorgan!

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River in Gorgan's Naharkhoran

As the American naturalist and philosopher, John Muir, once said: “the clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness.” Then, count on Gorgan as a highway to the universe, since it is edged or even penetrated into a large stretch of ancient forests, woods, mountains, and farms.

The little city of Gorgan, meaning “wolves” in Farsi, is located about 400 kilometers to the north east of Tehran on Mashhad’s route and some 30 kilometers from the Caspian Sea.

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Trail in Alangdareh Forest

The appealing city with its ethnically mixed population had acted as a focal point in Iran’s history through the ages and was the birthplace to the eunuch king, Aqa Mohammad Khan, the founder of Qajar dynasty.

But what are the main Gorgan attractions and hobbies waiting for those of “nemophilists”, who love the solitude of the forest, or belly trotters?

Gorgan's Hyrcanian ancient oak forest


Alangdareh Forest

On the northern slopes of Alborz Mountain Range, where Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forests extend to the eastern regions of the Gorgan plain, old oak trees of Alangdareh sway gently with the breeze and provide cool shades for whom that seek a lush atmosphere to chill out.

Gorgan in fall


The southern chunk of the city, next to Naharkhoran Boulevard, is covered with the deep woods.

The deciduous broad-leaved forest is about 10 degrees below the average temperature of the city in spring and summer and guarantees a perfect day out for eco-tourists.

Alangdareh Forest

Here’s a strong hint: DO NOT MISS VISITING ALANGDAREH IN EARLY FALL, where Rustling leaves of all hues invite you to the feast of autumnal colors!

Alangdareh Forest in Gorgan


Naharkhoran Boulevard

The main street and hangoutt of the city extend from north to south and its name changes along the way.
In its southern part, called Naharkhoran, the road finds its way into the forest and provide a delightful scenery for everyone who wants to enjoy leisurely strolls and breath the fresh air of the surrounding woods.

Naharkhoran Bvd in Gorgan

Numerous restaurants, cafes, and resting places are on your way, offering shisha, cinnamon tea, or savory cooked fava beans.

If you seek to see the whole Gorgani population, living their best part of the week, attend Naharkhoran on Thursdays or Fridays, and celebrate the weekends among the drifting smell of chicken kabob (Juje Kabob in Farsi) and shisha.

Naharkhoran in Gorgan


Ziarat Village

About five kilometers to the south of Naharkhoran Square, after passing a breathtaking road through the rain forest, the little village of Ziarat stands tall atop a hill.

Where the dirt road begins in the village, a warm soak in a hot spring awaits to relieve you from the stress of urban life.

Ziarat Village

The spring is feeding a public bath and subsequently join the valley river where you can buy hot loaves of bread, just come out of the clay oven by local women.



Gorganis are gourmet chefs when it comes to every kind of lamb kabob!

Lamb liver kabob in Gorgan

Liver, rib, heart, kidney, or fat! Doesn’t matter which part. All go on the grill and the scent calls on all meatatarians of the world to join the umami festival.

Lamb rib kabob


Gorgan is a rainy city where its streets are filled with citrus trees and eucalyptus, which means precipitation is often high and the pungent scent of orange blossoms waft through the city in spring.


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