Hotels in Mashhad Near Imam Reza’s Shrine

Hotel in mashhhad near Imam Reza's shrine

As the most popular tourist destination of Iran, thousands of tourists visit Mashhad every year to pray to the eighth Imam of Shias. Naturally, hotels in Mashad near Imam Reza’s Shrine have always been very popular. You can take a walk to the holy shrine instead of taking a taxi. You will also be closer to important spots in the city.

Read on below to find a list of all hotels in Mashhad near Imam Reza’s shrine. They are ordered based on their star rating.

Darvishi Luxurious Hotel, first in the list of hotels in Mashhad near Imam Reza’s Shrine – 5 Stars

Darvishi luxurious hotel

Darvishi is located in Imam Reza street, the same street that leads to the Holy Shrine. You can take a 20-minutes walk to reach the shrine. Rooms in the 25-story building of this hotel overlook a beautiful view of the Holy Shrine. The hotel features multiple restaurants, a roof garden, fitness center, and souvenir shop. Darvishi is a popular choice for people who are looking for a luxurious hotel near the Holy Shrine.

Address: Between Imam Reza 24 and 26, Imam Reza Street, Mashhad

Madinah Al-Reza – 5 Stars

Madinah Al-reza hotel

Madinah Al-Reza is one of the closest hotels to the Holy Shrine in Mashhad. Taking a walk won’t take longer than 5 minutes because it is only 150 meters away. This hotel’s amenities include the only revolving restaurant in Mashhad, a kids’ playing room, library, and swimming pool.

Address: Shirazi Avenue, Holy Shrine, Mashhad

Javad – 4 Stars

Javad hotel

Walk for 5 minutes from Javad Hotel and you will be at the Holy Shrine. This newbuild hotel is also close to some other Mashhad attractions, such as Nader Shah Afshar’s tomb. The hotel features a nice fitness salon and a restaurant. Overall, Javad is one of the safest choices for hotels in Mashhad near Imam Reza’s shrine.

Address: Imam Reza 3, Imam Reza Street, Mashhad

Atrak – 4 Stars

Atrak hotel

You can take a 12-minutes walk from Atrak hotel to reach the Holy Shrine because it is only 800 meters away. This calm and reserved hotel feels very cosy. It includes a parking lot, souvenir shop, and restaurant, among others.

Address: Beitolmoqadas Square, Mashhad

Almas – 4 Stars

Almas hotel

Located in Imam Reza street, Almas hotel is only 5-minutes away from the Holy Shrine. It is also close to important bazaars in the city. Almas’ restaurants overlook a beautiful view of the Holy Shrine and they serve both Iranian and international dishes. With its really big conference hall, Almas is a great hotel in Mashhad near Imam Reza’s shrine for business travelers.

Address: Between Imam Reza 4 and 6, Imam Reza Street, Mashhad

Hatra – 3 Stars

Hatra hotel

Another hotel in Mashhad near Imam Reza’s shrine is Hatra hotel. The 9-story Hatra hotel is only a 10-minutes walk from the Holy Shrine. Rooms in Hatra have a beautiful view of the city and the holy shrine. Professional staff, beautiful decoration, and high quality restaurant and coffee shop with fair prices are among the reasons for Hatra’s popularity.

Address: Sarshoor 37, Western Danesh, Mashhad

Hayat Shargh – 3 Stars

Hayat Shargh hotel

Hayat Shargh has to compete with multiple other hotels in Mashhad near Imam Reza’s shrine, and it has been successful. The Holy Shrine is a 15-minutes walk from Hayat hotel. Hayat is located next to the Arman Shopping center and in addition to a luxurious restaurant, it has balconies overlooking the Holy Shrine.

Address: Next to Arman Shopping Center, Navab Safavi Street, Mashhad

Javaher Shargh – 3 Stars

Javaher Shargh hotel

Javaher Shargh is located excellently in Imam Reza street and is only a 15-minutes walk away from the Holy Shrine. The Tala restaurant in Javaher Shargh has an international chef that cooks delectable dishes for you. Massage services, a concierge, and transfer are among this hotel’s amenities.

Address: Imam Reza 6, Imam Reza Street, Mashhad

Sahand – 3 Stars

Sahand hotel

Sahand hotel is only 500 meters away from the Holy Shrine. Free transfer and daily tours make Sahand a unique hotel in Mashhad near Imam Reza’s shrine. This hotel offers full-board catering, which means that lunch and dinner are free of charge.

Address: Karbala Alley, Imam Reza 2, Imam Reza Street, Mashhad

Atlas – 3 Stars

Atlas hotel

Atlas hotel is one of the oldest hotels in the city of Mashhad that has been around since 1976. Walking from Atlas to the Holy Shrine takes only 3 minutes. This brings Atlas to the top of the list of hotels in Mashhad near Imam Reza’s shrine in terms of distance. Mirza Kuchak Khan park and Reza Bazaar are also very close to this hotel.

Address: Ab Square, Imam Reza Street, Mashhad

Boshra – 2 Stars

Boshra hotel

Boshra apartment hotel is located right in front of the Bab Al-Javad entrance to the Holy Shrine. This means you can visit the shrine immediately at any time. Additionally, Boshra is located in the Khosravi No street. This makes it close to multiple jewelry shops, gold shops, and fabric stores. The hotel itself is very tidy with beautiful decorations.

Address: Bab Al-Javad, Khosravi No, Mashhad

Edris – 2 Stars

Edris hotel

Edris hotel is the closest accommodation in Mashhad to the Holy Shrine. It attracts hundreds of tourists every year for this reason. In this hotel, you are less than a 1-minute walk away from the Holy Shrine. Edris includes 71 apartment suites and two restaurants.

Address: Bab Entrance, Beitolmoqadas Square

Qasr Shams – 1 Star

Qasr Shams hotel

Qasr Shams is one of the cheapest apartment hotels in Mashhad. It’s also very close to the Holy Shrine, only an 8-minute walk away. You can go shopping in the Reza bazaar and Aseman shopping center that are nearby. A good point about this hotel is that the rooms include a kitchen in them.

Address: Rajab Zadeh 16, Second Crossroad, Imam Reza 8

Parham – 1 Star

Parham hotel apartment

Parham apartment hotel offers really decent value for its price as one of the thriftiest hotels in Mashhad. It is located in the Akund Khorasani street and is 6 minutes from the Holy Shrine by car. Mashhad terminal and train station are also located 15 minutes away from this hotel.

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