How to use Tehran’s intercity services to travel around Iran


In the previous post, we have explained how you can travel between cities by buses, starting from Tehran. It does not matter where do you start your trip, once you know the process you can implement it in every city. Now we put the spotlight on other forms of traveling. Using trains for safety or its comfort, using airplanes to speed up, or driving a private car to maintain your privacy are the other options on the table.

Tehran's train station


Since it is the most economic, after buses, we have put the trains on top of the shortlist. You can book different services with different prices, from 8,000 Tomans for cheaper seats to 90,000 Tomans for couchettes or sleepers.

Learn more about difference between Tomans and Rials.

Couchettes are basic, inexpensive sleeping accommodation, with 6 bunks, or you can pay few more Tomans for 4 bunks per compartment.  By day, a couchette compartment is an ordinary seating compartment, with three-a-side bench seats facing each other.  At night, the seats convert to bunks.  Each bunk is basically a padded ledge supplied with a pillow, sheet, and blanket which you arrange yourself.  Each berth has its own reading light.  Washrooms and toilets are available at the end of the corridor.

You can only book train tickets on the website for Iran Transportation Company, Raja, or you can ask travel agencies to do so for you.


You can rent a car for yourself if you have the needed documents (passport, IDP, or Driver’s License) and travel around the country. The prices range from 120,000 Tomans per day for a Peugeot 206 to 2,000,000 for an S500. It is not recommended due to high prices but using a shared taxi or savaari for your travel is convenient. Intercity taxi services are mostly based in bus terminals. You can also find savaaris out of terminals, next to famous squares along the main road. The cars accommodate four persons and the front seat is about %20 more expensive. Prices are different, depending on the route and the car’s status.

Mehrabad Airport in Tehan


Mehrabad Airport is Tehran’s main and only terminal for intercity flights. You can find every deal on online service providers such as SnappTrip or travel agencies in the city or on the web. Mehrabad airport is at Tehran’s western part and there are flights available to every Iranian state. You can find discount offers by searching agencies. Cheaper deals usually belong to less classy planes such as Tupelov or Fokker.

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