Traditional Houses in Iran

Cycling around Dorna Camp

There are times that you may need to run away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. This is the time you should take a well-deserved vacation and go to one of the traditional houses of Iran.

Iran is filled with traditional houses that offer nice ancient ambiances to the guests who are looking for a day off at an exotic place such as hobbit-like huts in the meadows of north western Iran.

Dorna Camp around Meshgin Shahr

Or a 100-year old adobe structure at Yazd’s downtown would be a distant dream for a guy who is struggling with everyday tasks at the concrete jungle that can come true just by a click away.

So if you are looking for a relaxing vacation at Iran’s finest traditional houses, read the rest to find out which one suits you best.


Ordibehesht Traditional House

The 80-year-old traditional house has been renovated with a touch of the modern day architecture.

Located at Isfahan’s western part and close to a fire temple have brought more value to the exotic resting place where you are only 15 minutes away from the famous Si-o Se Pol.

Ordibehesht Hotel in Isfahan


The Ordibehesht Traditional house is equipped with old-style Iranian colorful windows for rooms that are surrounding a yard and its tiny pool in the middle.

Traditionally designed interiors of the rooms would take you to the old time Iran, only with an internet connection.

The restaurant on the roof serves perfect Iranian or foreign dishes which would be more delightful if it is accompanied by a warm herbal tea.

Ordibehehst Hotel in Espahan


Khane-ye Khesti Traditional House (Adobe Traditional House)

The 150-year old accommodation had been renovated in 2012 and started working as a traditional house in Yazd.

Six big rooms are available for guests who can also enjoy sitting in the yard on wooden beds and have a pleasant traditional meal.

Khane-ye Khesti Traditional House in Yazd


The house is located near downtown and focal tourist points such as Amir Chakhmaq Sq., Jame’ Mosque of Yazd, Eskandar Prison, and Khan Bazaar.

Khane-ye Khesti Traditional House


Narenjestan Traditional House 

Containing three big rooms surrounding a little yard in the middle with old style decorations offer a nice stay for guests.

There is also a korsi available in the yard which is a type of low table found in Iran, with a heater underneath it, and blankets thrown over it that can save you from cold in winter and provide an outdoor hangout place for visitors.

Having hot traditional loaves of bread produced in the bakery or observing the stars at night are among the hobbies of the house which can call on tourists who are looking for an exceptional night in the Yazd’s old texture.


Mah Bibi Traditional House

Square foundation, adobe bricks, a tiny pool in the middle of the yard, wind-catcher on the roof, all and all harbor the feeling of living in the ancient times of a city in the vast deserts of central Iran.

Mah Bibi Traditional House is located at Ardakan in Yazd province. It has eight rooms in which more than 40 persons can be accommodated.

Mah Bibi Traditional House


While you are at Mah Bibi in Ardakan you can pay a visit to the oldest and biggest Zoroastrian fire temple, called Chak Chak, Siahkouh National Park, Ardakan’s Hall of Fame, Chaharsoq Bazaar, and Tout Tower.

The economic prices of the house would be tempting to whom that are looking for a new experience in the middle of the desert.


Dorna Camp

Dorna camp let you experience living among the nomads in the wild and lush nature of north western Iran, around Meshgin Shahr, where you can enjoy residing in a mixture of traditional and modern structures.

The camp is located near Gourgour Waterfall next to Alvaresi Ski Camp as well as Malek Souyi Hot Spring and Qinerjeh Hot Spring, which is the warmest one in the world.

Dorna camp


Dorna Camp offers round suites and nomads’ canvas tents for accommodating and recreational activities such as horse riding, cycling, skiing, and paragliding to the guests.

Around 110 kilometers away from Ardabil and 20 kilometers from Meshgin Shahr, the camp provides a nice ambiance with traditional Turkish music, Ashiqlar, and a perfect scenery for whom that seek an interesting weekend out of the bustle of the cities.

Dorna Camp in Meshgin Shahr

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