Traditional Iranian drinks and beverages

Khakshi and Sekanjabin with cucumber

There is nothing more refreshing than an Iranian cold beverage, called sharbat, in hot spring and summer days of our country.

When you spend a day out in the first half of the year at some cities especially in central Iran, you will find out that it is impossible to go on without a proper drink to quench the thirst.

Instead of drinking six bottles of ordinary drinks such as energizers or colas, you can localize your drinking style by having traditional Iranian drinks!

If you are willing to try khakshi, tokhm sharbati, or sekanjabin, it is easy to find a juice shop around the corner of every city that you are visiting. They come usually cheap in big plastic glasses and undoubtedly cure your dehydration.

Juice shop in Tehran

By the way, if you are not in the mood to have a drink on the street, find a coffee shop or go to an Iranian house who would surely offer you a glass of sharbat as well as tea.

It should be noted that in Isfahan you can pay a visit to special places called sharbat khaneh that are serving numerous types of sharbats along with different kinds of araqs (distilled juice of herbs).

Here are some delicious drinks to hit the spot and chill your body in scorching days of summer.

Chia seeds sharbat

Sekanjabin with Cucumber (Sekanjabin ba Khiyar)

It is one of the oldest Iranian drinks, served especially in summers, which you can easily make it in your home wherever you are.
Some make sekanjabin with honey, some with sugar. You can also add mint to it.

Sekanjabin with cucumber


One and 1/3 cup honey

One cup water

Two-third cup white vinegar

A small bunch of washed fresh mint

Two small cucumbers, washed, peeled and shredded

Lime rind


Combine sugar and water in a pot and put it on medium heat. Stir it until sugar is dissolved. Reduce heat and let it gently boil for 10-15 minutes.

Add vinegar and simmer it until it thickens which may take about 30 minutes. Adjust the level of sweetness and sourness of the syrup.

You can add a few fresh mint leaves at the end.

Remove the mint and put syrup into the fridge.

Now mix the syrup with ice water, shredded cucumber, and lime.

You can also serve the syrup without the water with lettuce.


Khakshi (Sharbat-e Khakshi)

Or khakshir is another popular drink for summers. Khakshi consists of tiny reddish-brown seeds, called teff or herb-Sophia in English, which are nutritional powerhouse full of calcium, protein, and fiber.

Khakshir is perfect for liver detox and constipation problems which make it one of the best herbal medicines and it is called “Wisdom of Surgeons” by ancient herbalists.

Khakshi has many healing properties and is easiest sharbat you can make. The recipe is easy.

Sharbat-e Khakshi


Khakshi (as much as you want)


Sugar or honey

Ice cubes

Lime juice (optional)

One teaspoon rosewater (optional)


First pour khakshi in a bowl, add water and then extract the seeds which come floating on the surface of the water.

Add lime juice and sweetener, honey or sugar, and stir well.
Let seeds soak in the water for 30 minutes to form gel and put it in the fridge or add ice cubes.

Tokhm-e Sharbati (Sharbat-e Tokhm-e Sharbati)

It literally means “seed for sharbat” and it is called basil seed in English.
They have many health benefits as in reducing food craving and blood pressure as well as having high amount of omega-3.

Tokhm Sharbati

It is very much alike Khakshi in terms of making and benefits that you can find both in Latin food section if you are not in Iran or in attari ((herbs and spices shop) if you are in Iran.

Ingredients and methods are exactly like khakshi. Follow the instruction written above.

Tokhm-e Sharbati

Saffron Sharbat (Sharbat-e Zaferoun)

I have written about saffron in my previous posts which you can find out about by clicking on the hyperlink.

Taste, aroma and healing abilities of saffron or so-called “red crimson” is a main advieh (spice) of Persian cuisine.

Saffron Sharbat

One and 1/4 cups water

Two cups sugar

One fourth cup rosewater

One fourth rounded tablespoon saffron

One tablespoon boiling water

Saffron Sharbat 2

Add crushed saffron threads to a tablespoon boiling water in a small bowl. Steep for 15 minutes then adds rosewater.

Mix sugar and water in a saucepan over low heat and dissolve. Add the mixture of saffron and rosewater then let it simmer for five minutes.

Now remove it from the heat and let it cool down and store it in a bottle.
Put it in the fridge.

Now you have the syrup that you can serve it anytime with adding water. You can adjust the sweetness or add a teaspoon lime juice to it.

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