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For whom interested in Iranians’ art such as cinema, theater, galleries, or concerts, Tehran would be a great stage with many facilities for art lovers. Long lines of Tehranis standing in ques for festivals and events including debuts and red carpets are proof to the fact that the Iranian capital is the beating heart of our cultural society.

Numbers of art galleries, local theaters, and movie salons are rocketing up and paving the ground for enthusiasts to be provided with many possibilities for leisure time.

Wherever you reside in the city, wide range of choices are available around the corner. But what types of artistic event you are keen to attend is up to you.




There are many movie theaters around the 200-year-old city of Tehran, displaying Iranian or foreign features for cineastes. Cinema complexes such as Mellat, Kourosh, or Azadi would be top choices for whoever want to enjoys modern facilities normally including games arcades, restaurants, and bars.

To find out how you can book seats in cinema components, check their websites. Or you can search for every screening movie in Tehran, or even other cities, on online reservation services such as cinematicket.org which let you pay for your seats online.

Unfortunately, such services are not provided in English but do not forget you can ask Google to be your personal translator.

It is noteworthy to mention that cinema tickets are half-price on Tuesdays. The prices usually vary from 6,000 Tomans ($1.5) to 20,000 Tomans ($5.5).



As a theatergoer you would be satisfied if you attend some Iranian plays. There are several famous halls in Tehran including Shahr (City Hall), Hafez, Vahdat, Iranshahr, and etc. that are always staging several plays indoor and outdoor. Due to lesser number of seats in theaters, in comparison with cinemas, booking should be made sooner which is exactly dependent on the popularity of the play. For further information on plays and salons as well as buying tickets online, check Tiwall.

The prices are varying from 15,000 Tomans to 75,000 ($4 to $20).




Iran’s traditional music is well-known around the world but it is not the only music being produced in Iran. When walking across a street, if you listen closely you can hear about every type of music flowing from cars. Mainstream genres in Iran are pop, rock, rap, fusion, instrumental, or a bit of electronic music such as trance. If you are interested in attending concerts you can pay a visit to Iranconcert.




Tehran is filled with galleries, showcasing various types of works, from paintings to installation arts. Iranian artists are making names among artistic societies worldwide. You can make your day by visiting a gallery and subsequently stroll down to the nearest café where you can find many intellectual looking art enthusiasts talking about the latest event they attended and smoking cigarettes consecutively. Check Galleryinfo for further information.




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