• Iranian Culture

    Enjoy Iranian culture in Tehran

    For whom interested in Iranians’ art such as cinema, theater, galleries, or concerts, Tehran would be a great stage with many facilities for art lovers. Long lines of Tehranis standing in ques for festivals…

  • Iranian Cuisine Iranian Culture

    Sweets in Iran

    According to a three-thousand years old legend, King Jamshid discovered sugar on Nowruz and the both words of candy and sugar are derivatives of the Farsi words respectively called Qand and Shekar. Regarding the…

  • Iranian Culture

    How to haggle in Iran

    If you are traveling to Iran and like every tourist, you are eager to fill your luggage with Persian rugs or handmade enameled copper plates, it essential to learn how to haggle. Iran is…

  • Iranian Culture

    Iran, epitome of carpet weaving

    Fondness for Persian rug was common since the earliest periods of rug weaving among who were able to access to finely crafted carpets produced in the Persian Empire. However, it became more obtainable for…