• Iran

    WFTGA and Pintapin to boost tourism

    Pintapin was founded on the principle of enabling travelers to get from one pin on the map to another pin (pin ta pin) and our mission is to help the world to discover the…

  • Iranian Cuisine

    Tea time party in Iran

    Once you have sat around an Iranian cuisine table or a flower-patterned table-cloth on the ground as most of the Iranians do, the question that pops into the mind of a newly comer is…

  • Iranian Ceremonies

    Merry Christmas from Iran

    Once Christmas holidays come, Christians around the world bring out the trees to festoon them with ornaments remained from the last year such as a shiny star on top, stockings, candy canes, snowmen, snowflakes, and…

  • Attractions

    Come to Iran for a warm soak in winter

    Although the freezing winter of northern hemisphere forces many attractions out of travelers’ wish list, do not get cold feet since alluring options are still on the table. If you are of those people…

  • Attractions

    Enjoy Iran winter escapes

    Unless you have come from cold countries such as Scandinavian ones, you enjoyably can bare traveling to Iran during freezing winters of the capital, western or northwestern parts of Iran. Surely winter would be…

  • Iranian Culture

    Enjoy Iranian culture in Tehran

    For whom interested in Iranians’ art such as cinema, theater, galleries, or concerts, Tehran would be a great stage with many facilities for art lovers. Long lines of Tehranis standing in ques for festivals…

  • Iranian Cuisine Iranian Culture

    Sweets in Iran

    According to a three-thousand years old legend, King Jamshid discovered sugar on Nowruz and the both words of candy and sugar are derivatives of the Farsi words respectively called Qand and Shekar. Regarding the…

  • Iranian Culture

    How to haggle in Iran

    If you are traveling to Iran and like every tourist, you are eager to fill your luggage with Persian rugs or handmade enameled copper plates, it essential to learn how to haggle. Iran is…